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  • Five Year Survivor

    I officially become a statisticAugust 28, 2015
    Five years to the day that I was first diagnosed with stage IV cancer. All survival rates are based on a five year span. Five years today and I'm still here.
  • Tattoo Day!!

    Five Years Cancer FreeJanuary 28, 2016
    When I reach five years with no recurrence, I will be getting a tattoo on my left wrist of a teal and white awareness ribbon with the roman numeral for 5.

Today’s Thoughts…

July 7, 2014//CT scan today, finally. The plan was to get a CT with contrast to get a better look at the area that lit up on the PET scan a couple months ago, since the area is too deep to biopsy. Unfortunately, they do not give contrast to persons with one kidney. Their explanation was that the dye is evacuated through the kidneys, and it can do bad things if it remains in the body for too long. With only one kidney, the chances of it lingering is too great.

Whatever. What it means to me is that the quality of information we were hoping to get is now seriously decreased. I’m trying to find out if the cancer has come back.

Time is passing. If it is back anything could be happening in there as time is ticking away. Now the wait is on for my doctor to call to set up an appointment to come in and discuss the results. At this rate it will be a week for the call then two or three weeks for the appointment.

When the doctor first told me there was a questionable spot on the PET scan, I’d asked if we needed to act now or possibly wait three months and repeat the PET scan. He said no, if it did turn out to be cancer, we’d want to begin treatment right away. It’s been nearly three months now. What’s the difference?

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